Next Monthly Club Meeting & Program

Tuesday, August 12, 2014
7:00 p.m. (Doors Open at 6:00 p.m.)
Heather Farms Community Center
301 N. San Carlos Drive, Walnut Creek


McCloud River Rainbows-Well Traveled Trout
with Jack Trout

Jack Trout

Jack Trout's presentation will cover the history of trout, steelhead and salmon as well other fish that made it to California after the 1870s. He will be talking about Spencer Baird and Livingston Stone and the entire history of how trout, steelhead and salmon were shipped out all over the Southern Hemisphere. He will include pictures from the 1800s of the McCloud, Pit and Upper Sac before dams or even Shasta Lake.

Do you know about the Gov. Aqua Train Car that was built to transport fish after the completion of the transcontinental rail road? Ten were built. Ever wondered how shad got into the Lower Sac? How about where striped bass came from and how they survived the 2,900-mile journey across the United States?

There are three famous private clubs on the McCloud River — ever wonder how they were purchased and by whom? Jack's presentation will include photos rarely seen on the West Coast from the Smithsonian, the Library of Congress and local historical societies and others given to Jack by club members. Learn about the entire history of the north state from 1840 to present. This will be a history lesson, so bring your note pads. Jack will also show modern fly fishing pictures of rivers and destinations, he guides on in Northern California as well as Argentina, Belize & Chile.

Jack was born and raised in Portola, Calif. and grew up fly fishing on Lake Davis and the Feather River, with road trips with this father to the McCloud and Upper Sac. Jack moved to Mount Shasta in 1994 and started a full-time local guide service. After that he started to guide in Chile, where he met his Chilean wife Carola. They now operate one of the best Chilean fly fishing guide services for one-day trips and non-lodge multiple-day adventures. Jack guides in northern California on the Upper Sac, McCloud, Klamath, Trinity and Pit rives, as well as Hat Creek. Check out his blog adventures at Jack Trout's Weblog or the business site at Jack Trout Fly Fishing.

Casting Instruction is BACK!

Free Casting Instruction: Now that the warmer months and daylight savings time are here, casting instruction will once again be available before our monthly DVFF Club meetings. Starting with the May meeting and continuing each month through the October meeting, free casting instruction will be provided at the Heather Farm Pond next to our Club meeting site. Click here for more information.